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            Rick_bio                                      About Rick Balsiger

Prior to executive search, Rick Balsiger, Founder & President, spent over 20 years in the corporate world in a number of executive and senior leadership roles and has extensive experience in all aspects of Marketing, Business Development, Strategy, Product Planning, Sales Management, Corporate Restructurings and Organizational Development.

Rick has had the opportunity to work with and consult for top Fortune 1000 companies as well as smaller entrepreneurial organizations and start-ups and has coached and counseled hundreds of executive job seekers. 

Rick has authored numerous articles on organizational development and business management and for job seekers, is author of the book entitled, Branding You, Marketing You: A Guide to Maximizing Job Search Success”.

He has been a keynote speaker and executive presenter for numerous corporate strategy conferences, industry associations and speaks at a variety of career and job search groups on the subject of maximizing job search success. Rick has also been a guest lecturer at the Mihaylo College of Business & Economics at California State University at Fullerton and is a business graduate of the University of Redlands. 

This blend of experience and expertise offers a unique, pragmatic and valuable perspective to the most challenging assignments. 

Please feel free to contact Rick directly at 714.389.6075 or via email at rb@balsigerpartners.com. 

Recent searches include: VP, Human Resources; VP, Purchasing & Supply Chain; General Manager, Business Development; Director, Pricing Strategy; Director, Merchandising.                                                                                                                           

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