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Balsiger Partners assists companies in acquiring the "best & brightest" leadership talent.

We take a very strategic as well as tactical approach to executive search. While functional experience is certainly the price of entry for any key position, the compatibility of culture, leadership style and business philosophy are paramount. 

Identifying, vetting and presenting candidates for optimal compatibility and fit is where we excel.  What makes Balsiger Partners unique?

»  Rick Balsiger, Founder & President, personally conducts all searches and manages every aspect of the entire recruitment process.  No part of the search process is ever delegated to a junior associate.

»  Considerable time is invested upfront in understanding your company, your culture, organizational structure, your business challenges and critical candidate success factors, essential in optimizing "fit".

»  Unlike conventional retainer-based firms, Balsiger Partners is unique. Our fee is only 25% and we utilize a more client-friendly "limited retainer": 20% of the estimated fee upon engagement / 80% upon final placement.  

»  With extensive experience and a vast candidate network, Balsiger Partners offers innovative thinking, valuable insight and an intense commitment to your success.

In philosophy and practice, we believe in partnering; becoming a seamless extension and passionate ambassador for your organization.          

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